Issue invoice in Euro, get paid in Bitcoin
with zero technical knowledge.


Feel free to contact us if you can't find the service you need - we might have a private solution just for your needs.

Corporate invoicing

Invoice your customer in EUR or USD, get paid in digital or crypto currency, receive money on your bank account without hassle.

Processing & API

Integrate AlbusCoin payment into your application. Allow your customers to pay in crypto and digital currencies, receive money in fiat currencies, and forget about the volatility.

Legal consulting

Struggling with banking, legal deals, AML / KYC procedures or real estate deals? We can help you to sort the papers out.

Anything else?

Mining equipment, trading, custom blockchain development and marketing - you name it, and we'll do your best to provide it.

Why do I need it?

Albsucoin, via invoicing and processing solutions, provides an opportunity to your business to attract new customers - Cryptocurrency holders - with the help of a specially developed service, while providing Cryptocurrency holders with ability to pay for goods and services with, for example, Bitcoin.

How does it work?

Invoicing allows you to issue an invoice in fiat currency which is paid in cryptocurrency; we take the conversion and processing risks, paying you in fiat, which means that the you will receive exact amount of money regardless of any fluctuation of the rate.

Processing does the same, but is a more technical solution requiring integration with our API.

How do I begin?

Simply sign up for our service. Pass your company verification by simply uploading necessary KYC documents and start using our service!

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